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Tuesday will be an invitation to slow down and tune into the present moment.

Thoughtful exchanges with a friend will be insightful. It'll take perseverance and attention to details to sort out a challenging financial matter. There'll be sensitive differences with another to handle calmly. Inspiring advice or information will fan your enthusiasm for a special personal or creative endeavour.

A challenging relationship or situation with another will take patient effort. Getting out and about will refresh your energies; you'll fall in love with a magical place. A good financial deal will help you get ahead. LEO: A fun new connection or flirtation will blossom.

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A challenging issue or task will test your ingenuity. Doing your homework and listening to your intuition will point the way with a confusing financial decision. VIRGO: Fun family plans, splurging on special purchases for your home and family, and something to celebrate will stretch the budget. Understanding a loved one or adjusting to a changing relationship will take work.

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Positive trends on the job will take a worry off your mind. LIBRA: Fun places and stimulating exchanges with interesting, knowledgeable people will leave a happy afterglow. A getaway or exploring fun places will be an adventure, while meeting new people will be educational. Bringing exciting plans with a distant colleague or relative to fruition may be quite challenging. Singles, a long- distance romance could fire up. A social invitation will be a chance to make a good first impression. Expect the unexpected this week — loved ones could do impulsive things.

A special occasion with someone close will be an emotional affair, but an unusual request that puts you on the spot could disrupt other plans. Good fortune financially will replenish the kitty.

The only appropriate state of the mind is surprise

Getting off the beaten track and going to intriguing new places will bring fun discoveries. It will take imagination grounded with research to set up an unusual project. A fun getaway will refresh your spirits, and your intuition will guide you in a situation that calls for subtle levels of understanding. Fun activities will open new doors, and for singles, a charming encounter could spark romance.

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Travelling extra distances this week will push the pace, a change of scene will take you into a different world and catching up with someone from afar will be an emotional treat. Singles, a long- distance romance could simmer. Personalise the newsletters you receive and gain access to competitions and offers. Something went wrong, we were unable to log you in using that account.

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Saturday the 12th be very discriminating in how you spend your time and in what information you reveal or pass on. Be careful what faction you become a part of also.

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The evening shows impulsive feelings and mood changes so don't be surprised if your schedule all of a sudden becomes topsy-turvy. Sunday the 13th the full moon favors you with a relaxing day and excellent gatherings with friends and family and some level of surprises possible for a cross-section of you. This can be a very formidable week for the Bull , especially the 7th to 9th and the 11th and 13th, and by week's end, some of you may be reassessing your current status, trying to decide if you even want to continue on, especially those paired to signs like Leo , Virgo , Cancer , Aries or Libra.

This can be a good week for the single Bull s with the day of the chance opportunities that friends may bring, allowing you to most likely trust a mutual introduction.

Read the weekly partner horoscope Get pals to extend exciting and creative invitations and after throwing tons of attention on a specific personality, you can fix what ever sagging ties there are; friend or lover! Keep strong focus the 7th as your stars indicated either frequent distractions or poor quality attention to detail on your part.