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Geminis are represented by twins, which in itself suggests that they have the ability to look at various aspects of life from different angles.

Geminis are talkative, witty and always thrive to learn more in life. Feel free to take up challenges as you are going to be full of energy and enthusiasm today. Be patient and do not make prompt decisions as you might have a problem with directing your energy in the right path.

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Today can be the right day to take a drastic decision that was supposed to be taken earlier. For those in a relationship, try observing your partner and you will realize where you are going wrong. A slight change can have a huge impact on your compatibility.

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A movie date or a romantic outing with your lover can fix a lot of existing issues. Today can be a rocky day for you. Stay positive and be careful while making financial decisions. You might receive a piece of bad news as well, but do not panic, your positivity will help you figure things out and get over it. Cut down unwanted expenditure wherever possible. It might be advisable to maintain a healthy diet. Health may cause some trouble during the day.

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Information which has been postponed, news which has been kept secret, and dreams which have been long-forgotten, are soon to burst forth. You may be best advised to delay putting the finishing touches to personal plans until next week. That will give loved ones time to settle down. A delicate mixture of courage and conservatism suits you best at the moment.

You have been happy to sail on uncharted waters, but by next week a sense of caution may return. Compare notes with close friends sooner rather than later and set aside some time this evening to pamper yourself.

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Seldom has so much needed to be reviewed and reorganised, but arrangements should be complete very soon. Blame the stars instead!

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Your emotional ties are being put to the test, and you may wonder if one particular commitment is really worth the grief. My advice would be to try to distinguish between genuine feelings of affection on the one hand and a need for security at any price on the other. Once again, it is a fine moment to remember the occasions when family members have done you a good turn. There seems to be a change of mood during the day, most likely resulting in a more relaxed and generous attitude.