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If you've done the work it can be a time where you get to "bring home the crown jewels," as she puts it.

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Perhaps it's a promotion at work, or you make the decision to pursue further education, or commit to your partner. It can usher you into your next stage of life or drastically pull you away from the path you're on now. It's also important to know that these changes will confront you from the outside, it's not a shift in your inner dialogue.

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As Pia says, "this plays out in the outside world. Maybe the boss will say I'm no longer happy with you and you get fired, or you've been considering a move and you get sent overseas for work. Post continues after audio. Glad you asked.

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Even if you're going through a hard time and it feels like your life is in limbo, Pia stresses the things you'll be confronted with won't be things that "you weren't aware of before". It's not that you suddenly realise that you're not happy in that long-term relationship, or that you want to change careers, but you're at a time you have to. The thing is, Saturn Return is ultimately a positive thing, even if it doesn't feel like it at the time.

Therefore the best thing you can do is go with the flow and not swim against the current, so to speak. Which we know never goes well. The thing is we all have a friend that goes through pivotal life changes when they're nearing 30 - it's naturally a time to re-assess, but Saturn Return provides a logical explanation It's not like they've done scientific studies on it so we'll leave how you feel about it to you. But, if you are a believer, don't just take our word for it For Pia, she says that when she was 28 she finally left a "mediocre" job and got transferred from South Africa to America.

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My routine was work, home, relaxing and discovering things with my partner, repeat," she says. At 28 Kate was still living in the UK. She said that she was doing everything she felt she was supposed to do, but felt "there was something more. As Pia says, Saturn returns signifies a "transit" and "evolutionary" period in your life.

Essentially it's like a cosmic boot camp that forces you to re-align yourself with your values and goals, especially if you've drifted a bit from them. It naturally rewards those who have been diligent and gives those who haven't a kick in the right direction. However, even if you sit in the latter group, if you can move through the lunges, jump through the hurdles and bust a burpees, just trust that you'll be a better person on the other side.

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If you've gone through Saturn Return please share your story. We'd love to hear about it. Feature and social image from Instagram trippy. Severe and complex mental health issues - Credentialed Mental Health Nursing Service - unlimited sessions 2. Mild to moderate mental health issues - You In Mind mental health services - 12 sessions per calendar year If you or anyone you know suffers from a mental health issue it does not need to be diagnosed , please drop me a message. You can even self-refer i. There are no out-of-pocket costs for either service and you are also eligible even if you don't have a medicare card.

Services provided are to residents in South Western Sydney, however clients must be able to attend Liverpool for face to face sessions.

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Please note, in some cases, I may be able to provide telephone sessions, or home visits. Drop us a message. Offering unlimited sessions that are fully funded. Enquire within. It is structured, short-term and proven to be effective. Including Bankstown and surrounding areas, Liverpool and surrounding areas or Campbelltown and surrounding areas. Contact me for more information. You will be eligible for up to 12 sessions one on one and an additional 12 sessions of group therapy per calendar year, with no co-payments! I currently only work from Greenacre Medical Centre will branch out in the future.

Operating out of a number of locations in Liverpool, Inshirah aims to assist those in crisis, experiencing distress and feeling hopeless, helpless, down or grief-ridden.

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At Ana Neale Consulting we help individuals living with trauma, mental health or a disability to live life on their terms. We are a clinical psychology and counselling service providing help for people dealing with everyday stressors as well as more distressing mental illness. Eureca guides you to identify emotional trauma behind your condition. At the same we help anyone to work preventively to optimise your health.

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Want your business to be the top-listed Clinic in Sydney? Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing. Location Sydney. Category Mental Health Service.

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Contact the business Click here to send a message to the business. Best Birth 33 Londonderry Drive Sydney, wellness intervention for women who have experienced trauma, grief or chronic sadness around conception, pregnancy, birth and transition to mother hood. Ana Neale Consulting Sydney At Ana Neale Consulting we help individuals living with trauma, mental health or a disability to live life on their terms.

The Good Mood Clinic Suite 3, 83 Bronte Road Sydney, We are a clinical psychology and counselling service providing help for people dealing with everyday stressors as well as more distressing mental illness. Sepi Tajima - Psychotherapist.