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On the appointed day, the swamiji was ready with a few bundles of palm leaf granthas all neatly covered in green silk pieces. He asked us to go and sit on the wooden seating plank AmappalakAi placed by his side and facing the north, while he was seated facing the east on one side of the door to the sanctum santorum of the temple, a very neatly maintained one. He narrated the story of the temple and the nADi. It seems the temple belonged to the sanyasi's old TharawAD or family and had fallen into complete neglect.

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But they had sold off all the extensive properties, the joint family had splintered and migrated far and wide. The temple alone stood, neglected and in partial ruin.

So he said he decided to spend the rest of his life for renovating the temple. During this renovation work when the land was dug, the NADi palm leafs were accidentally discovered in a copper pot. He then took those palm leafs to Madras and got them cleaned and also learnt how to read theem with the help of some people in Tamil Nadu who were in that line. The predictions given were very ordinary. Our names were somehow deciphered in an oblique way linking it to specific godheads etc. Not much was told about our previous births. But the date of our deaths was clearly told.

One of us took down those dates but since we did not attach much importance to it, I did not keep a copy. We were told to give whatever we could for the temple and the swami promptly gave us a recipt for the amount we paid about Rs. On the whole we felt that it was a very straight forward business, no tricks. My daughter-in-law consulted some nADi astrologer when they she and my son did not get any issues even after 4 years of marriage.

The nADiwaalah told that she would get two children, the first a son and that everything would be Ok for her and her family. She has now two sons and the nADi prediction seems to have come true in her case. For reading about Past births, there is a specific Kandam, like that for Marriage Etc. For Reading each Kandam, a fee has to be paid. I was not a Brahmin in my Previous birth but maintained a small Temple. What surprised my wife was that he told even in this birth he maintains a Temple!!

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Yes, in our Chennai home, we have a small Therukuthu Pilliyar Temple maintained by us. After knowing this i myself wanted to see the Nadi Astrologer. Nadi jothidam fellow read from a chuvadi told me that I was a big land owner in my previous birth, probably somewhere in Kerala or Tamilnadu and had many sons and daughters; also constructed a small Pillayar temple near my home, and maintained it.

I asked him again the correct about the location of my previous birth place. After consulting many Chuvadis, he was telling he finds that I was born in Kerala in one of my previous births and in another somewhere in Tamilnadu. In that place there is Temple on a mountain which is very famous. This took me no where as there are many Temples in Tamilnadu located on hill top so I left at that. Few years later, we were on a pilgrimage to many temples, we had some prarthana at Samayapuram Temple, which is near Trichy.

It was my first trip to Samayapuram temple, when we were going through a particular road, by car, in one side of the road lot of trees lined up the place looked very familiar to me. Every thing including houses, small roads is very familiar to me It was like a dream After finishing the prarthana, I asked an old pujari there about any small Ganapathy temple in and around that location through which we passed through. He told us that there is a small pillayar temple maintained by one family for many years , probably over years.

After collecting the exact information about the location of the temple, we took the old man's blessings, and went in search of that temple We managed to locate the family who maintained the temple I had feeling that something inside me was jumping!!!

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An old man took us to the temple, and when I saw the Pillayar vigraham, tears rolled down my cheeks. Suddenly in my mind I was seeing some old pictures, people, functions etc, could not make out anything. The old man told us that his great grand father was the reason to built this temple and he maintained it; my grand father and after that my father were maintaining the temple.

We wanted to know whether he has any photos of his great grand father, but he has none as in those days there was no photography. I just wanted to hug that old man, before that he was telling me that he felt some relationship with me!! What a feeling!!!! We stayed there for about 10 minutes, as it is getting dark we moved to our car. We donated some amount to that temple, with a fulfillment of heart we returned to Chennai.

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Every thing has got connection to our previous birth; even the friendship here has a connection to our previous birth! It is funny. When I went to London I knew so many places from the books I had read. Fleet Street boasted the headquarters of virtually every major English daily. I am sure I have no connection with any previous birth in England. Like wise some faces appear very well known although that person was not seen before. I am not a believer of so called coincidences, and remembrances.

I can remember all of them, but you cannot, O subduer of the enemy! Last edited: Mar 2, Reincarnation -evidence of past lives - YouTube many more sites. Follow Tamil Brahmins on Social Media. Partners Become partners? Latest posts D. Watch "Does God exist"? Latest: drsundaram 27 minutes ago.

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