March 16 horoscope for capricorn

Travel opportunities should be explored.

The day will show the extremity of your partner's romantic side today. Tomorrow's Tarot card for Capricorn, Two of Pentacles.

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How do you use this information? The chart given in the 'Ephemeris' is the horoscope chart for today, cast at the time shown.

Pisces Monthly Horoscope

This shows the current position of the planets and the zodiacs through which they are passing. Mercury connects with Saturn on March 20, again finding you thinking back to February 19—plans will be reconsidered. The spring equinox arrives on March 20 as the sun enters Aries, illuminating the home and family sector of your chart. Make time to reflect on the line between your public and private life during this full moon. You work so hard, Capricorn!

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  5. Lovely messages come your way as Venus enters Pisces on March The energy is fantastically flirtatious as Venus connects with Uranus on March 27, bringing lots of thrills your way. Mercury ends its retrograde on March 28, so expect things to begin moving forward—Mercury finally leaves its post-retrograde shadow on April 16, at which point we will be out of the retrograde zone.

    Action planet Mars enters quick-witted Gemini on March 31, finding you very busy at work.

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    This is an effective time to slay to your to-do list and land more gigs! Good luck this month, Capricorn, and see you in April! Astro Guide. Feb 28 , pm.

    It is quite obvious that a person born on this date has a love story to tell, learning about their sexuality and pleasures of the flesh. This circling of Venus around the Sun seen in the first step of analysis comes down to a deep change on the level of their personality in the second. No matter the gender and their strivings in life, the way of expression will guide them towards change as soon as they stop comparing their actions and circumstances with those of other people.

    The Sabian symbol for Pisces representatives born on March 16th of a leap year, and two years following it:.

    Capricorn and Pisces Love Compatibility

    These symbols stand for success in two of its forms, the first one being the joined work against immoral and corrupt things in the world, and the second set to show the new Moon that brings the beginning of the cycle of growth. In general, there is a structure and a dominant figure that needs to "set" here just like the Sun, pulling along those that are corrupt and hide in high positions of power. On a personal level, this will reflect on all authorities in one's life, starting from their father or any dominant male whose ideals and teachings have to "fall" so that their Soul might rise.

    It is a story of cleansing the system of willpower and creative strength, by following the emotional need of the time. The purpose in lives of those born on March 16th is to find their true Self and their core of all creative power.

    Capricorn's monthly horoscope for March

    They should always stay in touch with their child within, aware that it is their strongest gravity towards laughter and happiness. On their path, they will have to change and separate from outer influences that build their primal character, only to learn that they are truly magnificent just as they are, being their own stable pillar in life. It is their mission to rule, lead, materialize, and sense things with their gut, and they are to become directors, managers, or their own boss in this lifetime.

    The story of the Sun and Venus is the story of mature and sensual love.

    Planetary Row

    Although Venus isn't the planet closest to our solar giant, it is the one that keeps the most of its warmth to itself, and they share a special story under the clouds of Venus that others don't seem to understand. This is exactly the atmosphere that the love life of those born on March 16th will be like, a bit foggy and hidden but warm and extremely passionate. Secret relationships are possible, as well as relationships with people in high positions, positions of power, or a combination of an older man with a younger woman, him posing as her father figure and her hero.

    In general, this is a story of one person being the other person's savior, as well as the story of lovers that can't wait to shine in the spotlight together.