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The male native of the Jyeshta Nakshatra confront health issues such as cold, stomach problems, asthmatic attacks, dysentery, frequent fevers and pains in hands and shoulders. The female native of the Jyeshta Nakshatra is over-sensitive, can be very jealous, but also loves very deeply. She is brilliant, thoughtful, and intuitive. She is also eager to know the opinions that others have about her. She runs her household activities in a very organised manner. She has average academic qualifications. Therefore, it has been observed that most female natives of this Nakshatra are not earning members of the family.

She is usually unable to maintain harmony in the home for whatever reason. It has also been observed that she generally remains childless, and is often harassed by her in-laws.

She is extremely careful while interacting with neighbors and relatives, because they are the persons who usually poison her life. She finds it very difficult to find mental peace in her life. The female natives of the Jyeshta Nakshatra do not enjoy very good health. They are prone to uterus problems, prostrate gland enlargement or pain in hands and shoulder. This , you may shine well in the profession. However, you may have many opponents and enemies, and they are likely to make all efforts to block your progress.

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You may have strength or power to topple your enemy though. Your health will require care as you will be prone to low vitality, mental tensions and anxiety. You will have a good income, but some commitment pressure will keep bothering you. The period between May and August of is likely to bring challenges at the personal and professional front.

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Chances of travelling for a professional purpose will be high during the latter half of year. These natives could confront prostrate gland enlargement or pain in arms and shoulder. Get the detailed Astrology reports, readings, solutions and remedies provided by our celebrity astrologers after careful analysis of your birth chart No computer generated reports are provided. Only Manual reports prepared after analysis of your chart are provided.

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Toggle navigation. Mesha Aries. Vrishabha Taurus. Mithun Gemini. Karka Cancer. Simha Leo. Kanya Virgo. Tula Libra. Vrishchik Scorpio. Those under the influence of Manushya Ganam possess a character with mixed qualities. In other words they have both good as well as bad qualities in them; they have good behavior but can also display anger at times and even enmity.

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Under the category of Rakshasa Ganam come those people who possess an outright bad behaviour; both in their speech and their actions. They are rude, aggressive and rough to anyone and everyone; they are unpleasant with others and find it difficult to cooperate with them and think they are always in the right. Only rarely are they found to behave well with others.