Karakamsa vedic astrology

It is the ignorance of the parents, guardians and the teachers who contribute considerably to the miserable failures of careers of the children. We have often come across people, whose lives are a failure just because they chose an unsuitable vocations. Astrology can guide a grown up man who is still undecided about the occupation in his life.

If a study of astrological principles is taken up seriously, a more valuable guidance can be given to an individual as to what vocation would be suitable for him to achieve success.

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Required level of accuracy in prediction of this subject is still awaited as it needs to be strengthened with more research. I shall endeavour to show in this article how far astrology enables one to choose a successful vocation consistent with his aptitude. The important considerations are. To begin with, consider Karakamsha chart as a pivotal point. A planet in Karakamsha becomes the key planet. The dominant planet having been thus discovered notice must be taken of the blend, it makes with other planets, which is aspected, or with the sign in which it is placed etc.

In considering the blends care must be taken to note which is stronger of the influences blended.

According to Jaimini the planet with highest longitude becomes the Atmakaraka. The sign in which the Atmakaraka is situated in the Navmansha becomes the Karakamsha.

Prominence of Karakamsa, Atmakaraka and Visha Yoga in Christ's chart

Association of various planets with Atmakaraka either in the Rashi or Navmansha, we can get a clue for the vocation of the native. Here are some of the astrological combinations of planets, which shall give a glimpse of the profession of the Native. Sun is responsible to give more power, ability to rule and command, will make the native to gain fitness for a Government employment, or a high profile business executive with status and dignity.

Based on their degrees they play a certain role in the horoscope. From the highest to the lowest 7th degree, planets are given a certain karaka name. The planet with the highest degree in the horoscope which is between degrees, becomes the atmakaraka.

7 Karakas of jaimini Astrology (Vedic Astrology) lesson 2

Planet closest to the 30th degree is the atmakarka. These planets are not part of the Jaimini. Once you add these plantes in Jaimini your entire prediction will be wrong.

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Once you figure out which planet is the atmakaraka, look at the sign placement of that planet in the navamsa chart. This is known karakamsa: Placement of atmakaraka in Navamsa. This is sign and house placement both for D9 Navamsa chart. Such placements give a much clear indication of the native's spiritual and professional life.

Through the placement of karakamsa one can see what the soul or 'Atma' is desiring. How it wants the life to be live and viewed on this three dimensional plain. There is a lot more information on this besides this small article, but due to tremendous amount of interest in Jamini which has been invoked through my videos, I am obligated to write about it, at least what I have learned.

One thing you can see with karakamsa is the soul's ability to reach the next level of salvation or a higher frequency lokha world.

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When looking at the placement of atmakarkaa in navamsa, you should see what planet is sitting in 12th from the atmakarka planet, if any. This will tell what will happen to the soul. A malefic planet like Saturn, Mars or Rahu sitting 12th from atmakarka or Karakamsa shows that souls still has many lessons to learn before elevating itself to a higher plain.

If a benefic planet sits 12th from karakamsa, it shows that the soul has reached a point where it will move to the higher world after the death of physical body.