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Excavations at Knossos have revealed several frescos depicting bull-leaping.

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One of the main findings from this area is a seal which shows a horned figure seated in a posture reminiscent of the Lotus position and surrounded by animals, an epithet of the later Hindu gods Shiva and Rudra. Minoan rhyton in form of a bull photo by Wolfgang Sauber. Probably one of the lowest manifestations of the Taurian Age was the excessive materialism mentioned above. The unprecedented accumulation of extreme wealth in the centers of power during that period at times led the ruling class to forget its role of serving a higher spiritual purpose and to become corrupted.

Some of the greatest architectural achievements were only possible with the use of slaves who had no human rights whatsoever. On the other hand, an imaginary view of the level of the gods, attributing them a human character, combined with the absolute power of the ruling class and the religious priesthood, led to the monstrous custom of human sacrifice. Only later, in the Age of Aries, this custom will be rejected at least in the Old World and replaced, for the time, by animal sacrifice.

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The end of the Taurian Age and the emerging influence of Aries at the turn of the second millennium BC were the backdrop for some major transitions in the civilizations of the time: In Egypt, the first intermediate period which marks the chaotic time between the Old and the Middle Kingdoms starts very close to BC and lasts for about two centuries, which takes Egypt into the next Zodiac Age; By the end of the third millennium BC, the Semitic Akkadian people basically merged into the Sumerian empire, eventually took over, and later established Babylon, who played an important role in the Age of Aries; A series of natural disasters hit the Minoan civilization during the second millennium BC and by the time that the influence of the next Age of Aries went into full power, the Minoan civilization was declining and disappearing in the mists of time.

Within two centuries of the beginning of the second millennium BC, the Indus civilization collapsed due to climate changes and a decline in trade with Egypt and Mesopotamia. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. The Egyptian god Apis photo by Rama.

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The Pyramids of Giza, Egypt. There is nothing extreme about Cancers—they are very balanced. They can also be very changeable which can be good or bad depending on the situation. The ultimate "people" people, Leos are complete extroverts.

Taurus (astrology)

Unfortunately, this makes them deficient in other areas. Modest and shy, introverted Virgos take pride in their meticulous and practical approach to life. Unfortunately, these same traits can result in a very fussy individual. Romantic and charming and incredibly sociable, it's hard not to like a Libra.

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However, their social pursuits leave them little time for more practical endeavors. While somewhat withdrawn from social activities, Scorpios are forceful and determined in more practical pursuits. Jovial and carefree, Sagittarians are also blessed with boundless energy. Unfortunately, this combination can make them restless and careless. Armed with a dry wit, Capricorns can often be found telling a good joke.

Also being very practical, they strive for order and discipline.

Friendly and amusing, Aquarians are excellent companions. Being well balanced in other areas helps to make them the most agreeable sign. Selfless and kind, Pisces are one of the nicest signs. They're active too. However, this combination can make them emotionally restless and indecisive.

Taurus traits

Zodiac Sign Personality Aries. Zodiac Sign Personality Libra. Both you and Aquarius have a passion for being involved in the community, so your shared interests will really take your relationship far. Sagittarius also has soulmate potential for you. They tend to keep a positive mindset and try to avoid drama, which is perfect for you since you hate when things are out of balance. Scorpio has a keen intuition and the ability to sense a soulmate connection. You won't jump in too quickly until you both feel safe and secure.

Capricorn also makes for a solid partner because they're very grounded and stable.


You like supporting one another and will help each other achieve your goals. Although Taurus is your opposite sign, Lang says that many Scorpio-Taurus partnerships are successful. Sagittarius loves their independence, but they can also be quite generous in relationships. Yet, they tend to be slow to make a commitment. Because of that, Aries makes for your perfect match. Your other fellow Fire sign, Leo will make for a fun partner who can also give you the stability you need. Libra also works really well for you because you both need some sense of independence within a relationship.

You'll know how to perfectly balance your "we" time with "me" time. Capricorn tends to focus on building their professional and social image. They're very ambitious and attract partners who have that same drive. According to Lang, you may be immediately attracted to Cancer. Aquarius loves conversation and has intellectual curiosity.

Because of that, Air signs, Libra and Gemini make for great matches. You'll be easily drawn in by Libra's charm, and you'll be able to have non-stop conversations with Gemini. Sagittarius will also pique your interest. Pisces can go from being a hopeless romantic to feeling disappointed by others.

They're the right combination of practical and romantic, which makes them the perfect match for you. Capricorns aren't known for being romantic.

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